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Unwelcomed Desires

Will her unwelcomed desires in submission be her demise or set her free?



I have been enjoying the Alaskan summer but it is Autumn now and time to get back to work.  One final look at summer before we move on…





I have a new book coming out at the end of this month!


Lord Kendrick’s Obligation


I have really enjoyed writing another book in this series. Genevieve is tired of being what everyone else wants, determined to be the master of her own destiny for a change, but she had no idea that with her desire for freedom of other obligations, she needed so much more. She learns that sometimes you just need a little Papa time…


Thought you’d like a little taste before the main event!


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Lord Kendrick's Obligation Cover.jpg


He wants a lady of quality on his arm, a mistress in his bed, and a princess to pamper.

When the time’s right. When he’s ready. When he finds her. But not yet. Lord Anthony Kendrick has obligations he fulfills daily but there is one he has yet to address; finding a wife and begetting heirs. All in due time. Without warning, he discovers the very woman he has been waiting for in his drawing room, and she needs what he can offer. If he were ready and if she were to agree.

Lady Genevieve Jacobson does not want to marry now, if ever. Her relatives disagree and pressure her to accept the offer of a man thirty years her senior. As the eldest, she is obligated to marry before her sister. Ginny refuses to comply. Suddenly her freedom and her very life is at stake. She must make some dangerous choices if she is to have any say in her future happiness.

When Kendrick finds Ginny has taken matters in her own hands and put herself in mortal danger, he decides the time is right to claim her. Even if she doesn’t agree.

This is book four in the Lords and Little Ladies series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, power exchange, and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


Check this out!

Kendrick laughed as he showed her his bedchambers beyond the sitting room. Where her room was light and airy, his chamber was dark and heavy wood. The sitting room was a good mixture of both, but she already knew of some things she would like to change, like comfortable chairs. Whoever used the room before, had no need for comfort.

“My man Forsythe will try to lock you out, but I’ll work on helping him to understand that I will always be accessible to you as you will always be accessible to me.”

“Within reason, surely.”

“For all reasons, my dear.” His voice did that volume drop and deepening that thrilled her and her body. “You will not lock me out without consequences. You can lock the outer door if you like but never the inner door. Understood?”

“But that is unseemly, sir.”

“Maybe in other homes with other people, but not in this house between me and my wife.”

“Fine.” Genevieve turned and stiffly walked from the sitting room to her bedroom, her skirts rustling as her steps progressed to an almost stomping as she went.

“I didn’t expect Evie to appear so soon after our arrival. Do you need me to address your attitude, little one?”

“Absolutely not, sir.” She had been in a continual state of arousal for most of the morning and now it had continued into the afternoon. The cheek of the man turning on his lord of the manor and Papa persona simultaneously. It was unfair. She had not realized how much it excited her until Kendrick. Did he know his effect on her? Almost certainly. She thought to close the door between them harshly and pulled her arm back in preparation but was stayed when Kendrick spoke. His voice immediately warning; her tummy immediately wiggling.

“Mind how you go, my love. You belong to me now. I will expect complete obedience.”

“But I’m a grown woman. I have my own mind. I’ve not magically become inept during the ceremony. You promised me freedoms.”

“Ah, and there is my Ginny, no holds barred. Take no prisoners. Speaks her mind and damn conventions.”

“Conventions? Surely you mistake the situation, milord. Conventions dictate good manners however, if a man’s word is his bond then it must defend dictums, surely, not ignore them. If he is honorable, he will uphold his word. And your word promised me freedoms.”

“And there is Lady Genevieve. You are quite right, milady. A man should keep his word and not sway to accommodate wherever the wind blows. I promised you many things, one of which was to hold you accountable. Get comfortable and help your maids with your unpacking. I will expect Lady Genevieve at dinner and Ginny in my bed tonight. And if you give in to your moody impulse to slam the door, I will scorch your delectable bottom before the echo of the sound reaches your ears.”

Her hands fisted. She lifted her leg to swing it and caught herself. Mortified because now he had pointed it out, she noticed every time she did what Kendrick called ‘Evie behavior’. She placed it back on the floor without a sound. Her papa might take exception to that movement at this precise moment. Instead, she closed the door quietly. Kendrick laughed. Rude man!



Read all of the Series Lords and Little Ladies

She craved his painful dominance…


Today, on The Neverending Blog Tour, I have BJ Wane, and her summer release:




 Submitting to the Lawyer


BJ Wane



Copy of Submitting to the Lawyer - BJ cover2

She craved his painful dominance as much as she feared a return of the darkness.



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Tantalizing Taste


Will they both let their reluctance to admit they want more from the other cost them everything?

Nan Meyers returns to her beloved hometown of Willow Springs a broken woman, ten months after leaving for what was supposed to be a short vacation with her brother. For years she’d enjoyed an active sexual lifestyle at the local BDSM club owned by her friends, but the trauma she endured while away has stripped her of those pleasures, leaving her determined to get her life back.

Dan Shylock greets the news of his friend and favorite submissive’s return with relief. After Nan cut off all communication with him and her other friends several weeks after going on vacation, her silence had both worried and angered him. Seeing the changes in her upon her return stirs up his suspicions, and when she reveals hints of suffering from an abusive trauma, his protective instincts and determination to help her kick into high gear.

As Dan slowly coaxes Nan back into embracing the pain induced pleasures she once loved, their growing feelings for each other come to the surface. But before either can come to terms with how they feel, the truth about the strange mishaps Nan has been experiencing almost costs her her life. Will Dan get there in time to save her?

This is book four in the Cowboy Doms series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy, contemporary Western romance contains elements of ménage, mystery, suspense, and power exchange.


Snack on this Tantalizing Tidbit…


“The sub I remember would have vibrated with excitement at the mention of punishment and jumped to embrace the prospect.”

That deep voice, the only one to slither past the fear and pain numbing her mind during three days of huddling in cold, complete darkness, now drew a wave of rippling uncertainty.  After taking another long drink, she swiveled to face Dan, leaned forward with a small grin, and managed to pull up the old Nan still struggling to re-emerge.

“Master Dan.  For you, I might change my mind.”

Apparently, she wouldn’t make a good actress.  His narrowed dark eyes and tight set to his mouth signaled he saw through her attempt to flirt and tease with him.  She didn’t like the calculated gleam that entered his eyes as he removed his hat and tossed it on the bar top. He fisted his hands on his hips, drawing her gaze to the thick, wide belt around his waist and she recalled the sting of the supple leather snapping across her buttocks.  The quick, welcome rush of heat subsided as he held out his hand, a silent invitation he’d issued, and she’d accepted, countless times before.

Nan started to reach for him, ignoring the churning in her gut, determined to move forward no matter what, when the sudden whoosh and snap of leather striking bare skin followed by a high-pitched screech echoed down from the loft and pitched her back into that dark space where the same sound had delivered waves of excruciating agony.  Bile pushed up to clog her throat and freeze her acceptance of Master Dan’s offer. She squeezed her eyes shut, the only way to keep from looking up at the source of another flesh-connecting snap. Jerking as if struck, the memory of searing pain splitting her skin and blood dripping swept back to haunt her.

“Breathe, Nan.”  Master Dan emphasized that command by pushing her head down and massaging the tight muscles of her upper back.

She fought the swell of despair and humiliation as hard as she struggled to breathe in.  I’m still as much of a pathetic mess as I was months ago.  The thought pissed her off as fast as that sound hurled her back to a place she never wanted to go again.





Copy of Submitting to the Lawyer - BJ cover

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I live in the Midwest with my husband and our dog, a lovable Great

Pyrenees/Standard Poodle. I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter,

babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles. We have traveled

extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I now prefer

being a homebody. I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but

soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking. My first book was strictly

spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking romance with a

touch of suspense. My favorite genre to read is suspense.






Saving Jessie

Hello all!

I have a little snippet from a work I have just begun this week… Saving Jessie, Book Two of the Safe and Secure Series.

Saving Sharlee, Book One is found here. AMAZON SAVING SHARLEE

Saving Sharlee_black

She has always been safe in her secret world, but once she is exposed, will she ever be safe again?


No cover yet for SAVING JESSIE, But in case you are interested in a little taste… REMEMBER, this is in rough draft form.


Saving Jessie…

Sharlee Armstrong walked out of the shower to her boss and fiancé, Jacquard Reynaud calling her into their home office. Sharlee spent half her time in the offices of Jacquard and Associates, Security and Protection Details they contracted from many government agencies and private citizens. She did the rest of her sleuthing, program creations, trials and support for the Associates, from the home she shared with Jac.

“Can’t a woman even take a shower without someone yelling at her to fill their needs?”

“I’ll talk to you about filling my needs. There’s still that little bet you lost yesterday and I’m ready—”

“Okay, Jac, later. What is such a big deal that… does that sound like someone is knocking on the monitor?” Sharlee wrapped her body tighter before tucking the end of her towel between her breasts.

“That’s what I was trying to—”

“Well, you could have led with that bit of information.” Sharlee ignored the impatient growl that signaled Jac was soon to go postal on her ass. “Stop. Listen. That’s code. This is Jessie calling me.” Sharlee pushed Jac from in front of the computer system and opened the connection.

“What do you mean, code and Jessie? What have you gotten her into?” His tone was unmistakable. Jac Reynaud was a man who earned and expected respect from every member of his team, his clients, and his fiancée.

“What? Nothing. I gave Becky and Jessie each a program that I wrote, that allows them to initiate them verbally, over phone or computer. Any phone or computer. It pinpoints their location. I tried to give one to Ivy, but she said she didn’t need it. I think Kaden loaded it remotely or when she wasn’t looking but she has yet to log in once to sync the system to her devices. Anyway, they can hit a keystroke to initiate the same. It runs in the background so I can pull them up through their video cam wherever they are. And this code is Jessie’s.”

After a few rapid keystrokes, Jessie’s phone camera was on. Sharlee and Jac watched the company’s accountant walk slowly through a rundown area of the city. She obviously had the phone in her pocket as they were bouncing with her leg movements.

After watching for a minute, Jac stood back. “I think she punched the code by accident. Can that happen?” She could understand his confusion. Charlotte Armstrong did not make mistakes on her programs. Not little ones and never big ones. She was anal about the particulars.  

“Sure, except for two things. The code is a number, a symbol, a letter. Simple but difficult to accidently reproduce.”

“Right. The second reason?”

“Look. Hold your phone.” Jac pulled out his phone and held it, screen facing him as typical. “Now, put it in your front pocket.” He did, screen facing his hip. “See?”

“Her screen in facing out with the camera exposed.”

“Yes. Even if she slipped it in facing out or someone else did, the likelihood of the camera facing out and exposed is very limited. Highly unlikely because of the way you put things in your pocket, head or top first. Something isn’t right.”

Jac had Mark on the phone in less than ten seconds. Mark was taking his shift on a high level client. “Mark. SITREP.”

“All quiet here. Meeting is ending early. Shifting the goods early. Why?”

“Where is Jessie?”

Mark was immediately more intense. The question alerted him to a potential problem. “Her brother’s. Why? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. Sharlee’s Keep Safe program that she created has been activated by Jessie. It looks like she is northeast of town somewhere. We don’t dare call her in case it draws unwanted attention to her phone.”

“Damn. She went to see her brother in the northeast of town, near the Winburn area. Can Sharlee track her?”

“Well, we’ve pinpointed the—”

“Jac, something is happening. There’s a scuffle… wait…”

The report of a handgun cracked loudly over the computer receiver. “No! Jac…”

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