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I have a little snippet from a work I have just begun this week… Saving Jessie, Book Two of the Safe and Secure Series.

Saving Sharlee, Book One is found here. AMAZON SAVING SHARLEE

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She has always been safe in her secret world, but once she is exposed, will she ever be safe again?


No cover yet for SAVING JESSIE, But in case you are interested in a little taste… REMEMBER, this is in rough draft form.


Saving Jessie…

Sharlee Armstrong walked out of the shower to her boss and fiancé, Jacquard Reynaud calling her into their home office. Sharlee spent half her time in the offices of Jacquard and Associates, Security and Protection Details they contracted from many government agencies and private citizens. She did the rest of her sleuthing, program creations, trials and support for the Associates, from the home she shared with Jac.

“Can’t a woman even take a shower without someone yelling at her to fill their needs?”

“I’ll talk to you about filling my needs. There’s still that little bet you lost yesterday and I’m ready—”

“Okay, Jac, later. What is such a big deal that… does that sound like someone is knocking on the monitor?” Sharlee wrapped her body tighter before tucking the end of her towel between her breasts.

“That’s what I was trying to—”

“Well, you could have led with that bit of information.” Sharlee ignored the impatient growl that signaled Jac was soon to go postal on her ass. “Stop. Listen. That’s code. This is Jessie calling me.” Sharlee pushed Jac from in front of the computer system and opened the connection.

“What do you mean, code and Jessie? What have you gotten her into?” His tone was unmistakable. Jac Reynaud was a man who earned and expected respect from every member of his team, his clients, and his fiancée.

“What? Nothing. I gave Becky and Jessie each a program that I wrote, that allows them to initiate them verbally, over phone or computer. Any phone or computer. It pinpoints their location. I tried to give one to Ivy, but she said she didn’t need it. I think Kaden loaded it remotely or when she wasn’t looking but she has yet to log in once to sync the system to her devices. Anyway, they can hit a keystroke to initiate the same. It runs in the background so I can pull them up through their video cam wherever they are. And this code is Jessie’s.”

After a few rapid keystrokes, Jessie’s phone camera was on. Sharlee and Jac watched the company’s accountant walk slowly through a rundown area of the city. She obviously had the phone in her pocket as they were bouncing with her leg movements.

After watching for a minute, Jac stood back. “I think she punched the code by accident. Can that happen?” She could understand his confusion. Charlotte Armstrong did not make mistakes on her programs. Not little ones and never big ones. She was anal about the particulars.  

“Sure, except for two things. The code is a number, a symbol, a letter. Simple but difficult to accidently reproduce.”

“Right. The second reason?”

“Look. Hold your phone.” Jac pulled out his phone and held it, screen facing him as typical. “Now, put it in your front pocket.” He did, screen facing his hip. “See?”

“Her screen in facing out with the camera exposed.”

“Yes. Even if she slipped it in facing out or someone else did, the likelihood of the camera facing out and exposed is very limited. Highly unlikely because of the way you put things in your pocket, head or top first. Something isn’t right.”

Jac had Mark on the phone in less than ten seconds. Mark was taking his shift on a high level client. “Mark. SITREP.”

“All quiet here. Meeting is ending early. Shifting the goods early. Why?”

“Where is Jessie?”

Mark was immediately more intense. The question alerted him to a potential problem. “Her brother’s. Why? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know. Sharlee’s Keep Safe program that she created has been activated by Jessie. It looks like she is northeast of town somewhere. We don’t dare call her in case it draws unwanted attention to her phone.”

“Damn. She went to see her brother in the northeast of town, near the Winburn area. Can Sharlee track her?”

“Well, we’ve pinpointed the—”

“Jac, something is happening. There’s a scuffle… wait…”

The report of a handgun cracked loudly over the computer receiver. “No! Jac…”

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