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A New Book, Becoming Lady Barrington (Chase Abbey Book#2)

I am so excited to be able to offer part two for Lord Barrington’s Minx … next weekend. Aug. 22nd.  I was hopeful that we could get this one out to you so you could enjoy it not long after the first book was out. There is a third book on Lady Caroline and Lord Ravens – so, since it is in process, after reading this book, maybe you have ideas for the hero or his lady…I would love to hear them.

For now, please read this blurb and have a sneak peek at the cover.  I’ll give you a bigger taste next Friday…

Becoming Lady Barrington

Part II of Amelia and Barrington’s storylady barrington

Here is a first taste of this book;

Lady Amelia Blackwell has married her Lord Morgan Barrington and now as Lady Barrington she must take over her role as his wife in society. It is a role she has prepared her whole life to assume. However, she must also learn how to live within his strict expectations for his wife. A role that is much more challenging for the penalties of non-compliance are equally high.
Amelia finds her lessons are quite often taught over her husband’s knee. That is also where she experiences other valuable lessons. She learns pain sometimes blends into something she had only a hint of before marriage; pain sensually meets pleasure with skillful encouragement from her husband. Can Amelia find the perfect balance that proves minding her husband is good but a measure of naughtiness also has its benefits?

Sounds like Amelia might be in for more lessons in how to be Barrington’s Lady…hmm?