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Excerpt from Liam’s Lessons out October 16

Liam's Lessons O'Connor Series BK 2
Liam’s Lessons                            O’Connor Series
BK 2


“Jocelyn, did you know who I was or did you look through your security view before you opened that door? Woman, you could have been attacked by a maniac. You still need a keeper.”
Yep, nothing had changed.
“She said you were still bossy, still kind of authoritarian in your manner, and still thought women should be women should be barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.”

She chose to remember him as caring, protective, the kind of man that took ordinary out of the dictionary. Darn, he is talking again without me. Pay attention Jocelyn.

Liam began to sputter. “What? Who? Kelli? She most certainly did not.”
“Sorry, my interpretation and maybe I was a bit hard. Shoes are probably okay to wear, right?”
It was discourteous to say that, but Mr. Liam O’Connor, my dream world has crashed right into reality and has left no survivors. But even though she remembered him more fondly than accurately in her dreams it didn’t mean he didn’t still have that violent effect on her. She squirmed at the realization she was damp already.
“Yep and you haven’t changed from the spunky woman who needed her bottom warmed on a regular basis. The door? Checking before opening? What have you to say about that because I can assure you that right now I am wondering if there is enough time to take you over my lap and tear into your perky bottom?”
“I don’t have to answer for my actions with you. I am a grown woman that can answer my own door as I please. And I don’t have one of those peephole things, see? Look, I have already had an assaultive incident this afternoon and so my quota is met for the day. And I am too tired to go tonight but your sister insists so I can be the buffer between you and Jake or something. There is that look again, Liam.”

She ended in exasperation at his conversation and her traitorous body.
While Jocelyn was thinking she should show herself to be self-sufficient, she went about it the wrong way and saw Liam’s eyebrow shoot up at her statement. If possible, the hard expression on his face cemented further. But Jocelyn wasn’t to be put off. Warming to her subject and ignoring the emotional flashing red lights indicating the oncoming train, she blithely continued.
“So do not think that I can be bullied, told what to do, hell, for today, I could probably bite through steel.”
Liam paused for a moment to process the information. Then he gave Jocelyn a broad grin as he leaned on the doorframe, arms folded across his chest. She remembered that smile well. It could heat her up so hot her panties were in danger of bursting into flames.
“Had a hard day at the office, dear?”

New out OCTOBER 16th

NEW SERIES-The O’Connors

First Novella is FREE

First Novella of O'Connors Series
First Novella of O’Connor Series

Her Sweet Complication

North Dakota resident Jocelyn Charles has a life mission. Get her degree and help women and children work through violent acts committed against them. Jocelyn believes that there is no reason one person should inflict pain on another person purposely.

Young rancher Liam O’Connor has a mission. Leave his sister in California at college and go gain experience on a larger spread than his father’s so he can one day, run his own ranch.
From the moment Jocelyn meets Liam, the sparks and libido ignite.

Everyone knows long distance relationships never work. Right?

And how can Jocelyn reconcile her feelings for Liam and stick to her goals when Liam has openly admitted his commitment to a traditional lifestyle?

Jocelyn wants no complications.
Liam is a huge complication.
He is positive there is a solution,
She is not so sure.

More difficult than you might think

So my journey began on the discovery of adult spanking. I thought there would be two camps, those who were worried about being historically accurate and I would cling to them and Opinion. NOPE.

Historically is more difficult to find and I wonder if it is considered, by opinion, to be Taboo or if there is just not as much out there.

I found pagan worship that was enhanced by flagellation, monks self flogging, Greek and then Roman gods worshiped through whipping, fertility thought to be enhanced by flogging (but I personally think if they were spanked by their loving husbands rather than a cold, separated priest they would have had much better success).

One of the earliest depictions of erotic flagellation is found in the Etruscan Tomb of the Whipping from the fifth century BC, named after its depictions of erotic flagellation. Erotic spanking has been around a long time. Longer than the Egyptians I would lay odds, but it is the perception of spanking that really causing people today grief.

Partly because Prinny was so debauched that Victoria was such a prude but anyway, that is for another time, but it does serve to inform why the freer bedroom practices were delegated to be considered pornography in Victoria’s day. They did not go away, simply underground. Punishment for stepping out of bounds was much more accepted in Victoria’s day than Prinny’s -Regent Prince later George IV was quite a free character. Colorful to say the least but women were not to be disciplined physically.

In the twentieth century, France was quite heavy into writing about spanking-the flappers were into spanking, not all mind you and not all types, but I tell you, the twenties was roaring with more than dance and cute outfits. But the spankers and they were mostly dominant, i.e. tutors or such, and were the focus of the literature. The literature spoke of whippings and drawing blood which is not the desire of the average writer today.

Today, the vast majority of spanking novels and novellas depicts lovers. Spanking is romantic, loving, shows protection, love, discipline, CONSENSUAL for most of us, and a turn on sexually. It is as erotica or scenario play or both. There are many who do Domestic Discipline or a version to their liking but again, CONSENSUAL is the rule. We often hear safe, sane, and consensual.

So, is a good site for getting information on the history and I really could not do better.

In the end,

I still love spanking. I love it in the morning and in the afternoon, I love it in the evening underneath the moon… and at least it is more socially acceptable today than it was even 20 years ago.

It is okay to love Spankings



Well, I think the best way to create that habit we want is to just start, so here I am just starting. I guess it is no surprise to most of you, or should not be, that I love spanking. I love erotic spanking, corrective spanking, slap and tickle, love pats, and all other consensual types of spanking. I am not advocating or proclaiming any other types but consensual. And I guess, since I have loved them forever, I find it hard to understand that it is seen as abuse. Any adult would say what they do in the bedroom or life, if doesn’t hurt anyone else, is legal and you LOVE it, then it should be okay to do. Evidently not.

I was told recently that women who submit or love spankings are morally and mentally adrift. Hmm. While I am not going to address that particularly mean and narrow minded statement, it did give me pause and a reason to research. So I began to research spanking in all manner of life-now and historically.

Over the next few weeks, I would like to share what I find on spanking.

Follow along as I put out tidbits of my spanking research. Send in your own info to share.

Becoming Lady Barrington

Well, we are about to embark upon the great adventure of the Passionate Pen Conference in Washington D.C. this week. If you would like to go, there are some great package deals left so check them out.

  Come join us

Hope to see you there!

Here are a few Review snippets from my book just out-

Becoming Lady Barrington…

Reviewer: Margaret Corcoran
“I enjoyed this book…Ms Bailey fleshes out her characters… with lots of faults and failings. I still loved Amelia and Morgan. The information contained regarding the Victorian era and the ton is great. It really brings the book to life. There are lots of spankings and spicy sex, with twists and turns. A really interesting read.”
Reviewer: Laurel Lasky
This was a wonderful read…The characters feelings were deeply developed as well as the secondary characters. This was the second book in the Lord Barrington book. I hope there is a third book. There was sweet romance, suspense, danger, hints of violence, sweet sex and spanking.

Becoming Lady Barrington-out NOW

via Alyssa Bailey Romance |

As previously alluded to, here is the next tidbit of the second book in the Chase Abbey Series. I have loved this series and laugh when I write and I hope you get a warm feeling and laugh as well.

Becoming Lady Barrington – out Sat. Aug 22, 2015.


As they were alighting from the carriage with the help of Barrington, he took the opportunity to advise them to stay close to him and not to wander off. He admonished that there were many things around the house that would not be deemed safe as yet. Not the structure itself he assured the ladies, but the debris and chaotic placement of the furniture in various stages of cleaning.
“Amelia, do not wander off, my dear. I do not want you to take to your bed over an accident just as we are about to be wed.” Barrington wanted to curb his lady’s more curious tendencies today.
“I assure you I am quite tame, my lord.”
“Of course,” he responded appropriately, but the smile was still on his lips and hers
when they entered the enormous wooden doors.
Entering the home, the front entryway was grand. There was a massive chandelier greeting her as she walked into the foyer. Amelia gloried in the sight of it. On the entryway wall, lined up majestically, and if one were fanciful, judgmentally, hung large portraits of people she had never met before. Obviously they were from another time, most likely they were Barrington’s relatives, but she did not want to ask at that moment. Walking further on the right side was a grand stairwell going to the second floor and Amelia immediately began to giggle.
Barrington looked at her and said, “What is it that is made you laugh, my dear?”
Amelia turned to him and pointed to the stairwell.
She said, “This is a perfect place for children to slide down the banisters, just as I said I
would teach them to do.”
The Marchioness gasped as she thought about her grandchildren sliding down the
banisters of the grand stairwell.
Barrington tweaked Amelia’s curls and whispered his admonishment, calling her a minx
while he reassured the Marchioness that none of her grandchildren would be found sliding down the banister of this staircase. He winked conspiratorially at Amelia as he reached for her gloved hand. He decided to keep her close at hand for a bit to ease and temper the shock value his hellion enjoyed delivering to her audience.

A New Book, Becoming Lady Barrington (Chase Abbey Book#2)

I am so excited to be able to offer part two for Lord Barrington’s Minx … next weekend. Aug. 22nd.  I was hopeful that we could get this one out to you so you could enjoy it not long after the first book was out. There is a third book on Lady Caroline and Lord Ravens – so, since it is in process, after reading this book, maybe you have ideas for the hero or his lady…I would love to hear them.

For now, please read this blurb and have a sneak peek at the cover.  I’ll give you a bigger taste next Friday…

Becoming Lady Barrington

Part II of Amelia and Barrington’s storylady barrington

Here is a first taste of this book;

Lady Amelia Blackwell has married her Lord Morgan Barrington and now as Lady Barrington she must take over her role as his wife in society. It is a role she has prepared her whole life to assume. However, she must also learn how to live within his strict expectations for his wife. A role that is much more challenging for the penalties of non-compliance are equally high.
Amelia finds her lessons are quite often taught over her husband’s knee. That is also where she experiences other valuable lessons. She learns pain sometimes blends into something she had only a hint of before marriage; pain sensually meets pleasure with skillful encouragement from her husband. Can Amelia find the perfect balance that proves minding her husband is good but a measure of naughtiness also has its benefits?

Sounds like Amelia might be in for more lessons in how to be Barrington’s Lady…hmm?


Well, I think I have this down …some

So, my second book, Cowboy Welcome, has been out 4 days now (this is day four) and I am impatiently checking Blushing Books, Amazon and Goodreads.

I can take 2 solid months to write and edit a book enough to submit for possible acceptance but I don’t have the patience it takes to allow it process time.

Speaking of which, as I get better at this blog thing, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and networking for edification of my marketing side, I am learning that if I can connect with more readers or prospective readers then I can write to more of what others want to read.

Starting next week,  I hope to be able to set things up and begin blogging a story, one chapter at a time. Let me know what it is that you would like to read about. I am comfortable writing from inspirational or sweet romances (Lazy Days) to spanking romances/power exchange. (Blushing Books). I have lived many places, had many career changes and have had plenty of experiences so challenge me…

I would love hear from you so send me a message or comment below.

READ Lord Barrington’s Minx and Cowboy Welcome!

CHECK out my facebook.

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