This is the 3rd book in the series and I had a blast writing it. It took me two weeks longer than I had hoped but that’s fine, I love how it turned out. I hope you do too!

First, she stole his heart and left him bleeding. Then she stole from the Mob. Now he is the only one who can save her. Will his price be too steep for Ivy to pay?

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Kaden was perfect for super-rich, too spoiled Ivy Linton. When Kaden rescued Ivy and then took her home, it was soon obvious to all that they were falling in love. Soon, however, the realities of the dangerous nature of his job frightened her. Her own crazy life was already scary enough, so Ivy left one evening without a word. She struggled to overcome the nightmares, the loneliness, and the loss of the only man she had ever loved. Now, a year later, the old worries were gone, but new troubles have emerged. Her mother is married to a mob boss, his second in command wants her, and she witnessed him commit murder. So, what should she do? Steal important information for life insurance and run like hell to the only safe person she knows.

Ivy was surrounded by trouble, but that’s what he was trained to deal with in the military and now with Reynaud and Associates. So when Ivy left without a word a year ago, he was crushed but let her go expecting her to return. She didn’t, until now. Amid the chaos of a bombing, his girl shows up full of secrets and the Mob on her tail, but she can still rock his world with a look. He was too gentle the first time. Now he must take control if he is going to keep her safe. And this time, he would make sure she stayed.

Kaden spoke his tone heavy with censorship. “So, you dated—”

“No, I hung out with JJ. We never dated. He often dropped by the gaming room, and I would end up leaving because they got caught up in something or other, and he would tell me to go home. I did because I wasn’t interested in what they were doing. After a few weeks, it became obvious that my first impressions were right. JJ was nice enough, but he forgot about me easily. I could have murdered someone, and he wouldn’t have known. Not like…” she stopped talking, but Kaden knew what she had been about to say. “Why are you grilling me?”

Kaden ignored the last question. “He didn’t pay attention to you like I did.”

“Yes.” The air was still. “Look, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. I’m not ready for this. Being with you is… intense.”

Kaden reached over and touched her cheek, sliding his fingers down her smooth skin. “Yes, you are, sweetheart. You’ve taken the first, hardest step. The rest will be easier.”

“Promises, promises.”

Her attempt at being jovial fell flat when the desperation in her eyes met his searching ones. He nodded an unvoiced decision and stood with determination.

“I’m going to feed you, spank you, and then bed you. Do you have any objections?”

His eyebrow quirked, daring her to disagree. Heat pooled in Ivy’s eyes, and he imagined her core was feeling the tension as well. Watching her squirm reminded him of when she would rub her legs together to relieve the tingle. Her lips tipped up on one side.

“We can skip dinner and the rest,” her voice seductively hopeful.

Kaden laughed. “I think you’ve been skipping too many dinners lately, woman, and I intend you don’t skip too many more. And the spanking is something you need. We both do.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “I’ll ravage you soon enough. You owe me a helluva lot of makeup.”

He took her lips with his, falling into the kiss, drawing sweet nectar from them. As the caress deepened, Kaden drew back with a moan of reluctance. Ivy released a sigh as her answering protest.

“Soon, baby. First things first.”

Safe and Secure Series

Saving Sharlee: She has been always safe in her secret world, but once she is exposed, will she ever be safe again? #military #Secrets #Love

Saving Jessie: What could she do but comply with their demands? #International #betrayal #military #love

Saving Ivy: Leaving him devastated her; returning could destroy him, but she had no choice. #mafia #military


Reynaud and Associates are the answer in a world where it is difficult to distinguish between good and evil. Prior military, these teams, assembled by Jacquard Reynaud, are trained, intelligent, experienced and deadly, choosing to do what is right in a world where too many things have gone wrong.

Along the way, they find their own happily ever after.

Book 1-Jac: The leader of this elite group of men recruits the best and accepts no less. He just needs a little softening around the edges. When cyber queen Sharlee joins the team, the rules change drastically.

Book 2-Mark: He is dark inside and out. His methods are calculated and deadly. He can’t break out of his protective cocoon, but Jessie can break-in.

Book 3-Kaden: Hardware guru, and night operative, he does his best work at night. Secrets and his past keep him from moving on until Ivy, who has more secrets than he does.

Book 4- Monroe: Organized to a fault, he has his life planned, and it doesn’t include a permanent relationship: until Mallory.

Book 5-Garrett: Jac’s second is hard and analytical, and his last lover has jaded all of his perceptions. He needs what he can’t have, Callie. Coming Soon.

Book 6 – Carter: The size of a small country and the best strategist on the ground, he thinks on his feet with confidence and decisiveness. With Becky, however, he can’t seem to find his bearings.

Book 7-Levi: Handsome, fancy-free, he loves to work, and he loves to play. Life is one big carnival until he changes teams and meets prior Marine turned nanny Finley. Suddenly, he’s playing for keeps.

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Hello! Thanks to readers like you, I am a USA Today/ International Best Selling author. I write luscious erotic romances where the heroine is her own woman but craves a strong alpha male to balance her and make her happy. I believe people love fictional romance where men are hot, gentle alpha lovers that take charge of their energetic women who are talented, capable and feisty. I am one of those readers. If you are too, you have come to the right place.

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