SEAL of Refuge

SEAL of Refuge (Guardians of Refuge Book 1)

by Alyssa Bailey

“You’re going to be trouble, aren’t you, Sweetheart?”

Alesha Campbell loves her island home in Southeast Alaska, but after a sudden break up with her egotistical boyfriend, she’d feared she might not find a husband until she met Navy SEAL Zayden Wellesley. The widowed Commander extricated her from a sticky situation and stole her heart. Now he has returned to the island with three unexpected surprises.

The Navy offers Commander Zayden Wellesley the career opportunity of a lifetime. He accepts. On a recon trip to Alaska, he meets the woman he never knew he needed and sets about wooing her. Things are going well over the short trip except for one little snag: He neglected to inform her he had roommates.

Zed planned to tell Alli before she found out on her own; however, his roommates had other ideas. And Alli is not happy.

 Can Zayden save his career and his budding relationship without upsetting the delicate balance he was already maintaining?


She looked longingly at him and ran her finger across his chest. “Zayden…” she whimpered.

“I know, sweetheart, I need it too.” He reached to pull her leggings and underwear off. “Straddle me.” He positioned her over his powerful thighs facing him.

Alli had no problem complying with this request. She slid her legs apart and settled into position. It was a little embarrassing, but she craved his touch more than she felt awkward. Zed lightly tapped her puffy labia, playing with her sensitive bits.

“So wet and ready for me. Such a sexy girl. You know I always ache for you. I don’t think my cock has been at ease since I met you.”

Going to work rubbing her clit, he placed one rough finger and then two inside her sheath. He brought his arousal coated fingers to her bottom, easing his legs apart enough to open her cheeks wider so he could tease the muscle ring there. Alli had had no one touch her there before Zed, and she couldn’t believe how it turned her on. She held as still as she could to encourage more play. When he didn’t breach her opening, she groaned her frustration. He patted her hot wet center, and the sting had her suck in air noisily.

“My time, baby.”

Alli couldn’t believe how amazing the bottom sensations were and how tightly sprung it made her.

“You’re awfully greedy for a woman who just barely skirted having her ass addressed for her misbehavior.”

He swatted her butt twice, and she made a new round of desperate whimpers.

“Zed, please.”

Placing Alli on her feet, Zed stood. He flipped her over the arm of her sofa and scolded, “Don’t move.”

The fast rasp of his zipper as it raced down its track heightened her awareness. She heard the belt buckle rattle as she took the belt off. Her core twitched, her bottom followed suit.

“What did I say to you?”

“Sorry, sorry, I can’t help it.”

She heard the leather cut through the air, causing a breeze. “Ahh. Okay, I’m trying.”

Warm hands landed on her hips, holding her steady, caressing her ass. Alli wiggled her bottom in her eagerness. He swatted her ass again, leaving a burn that heated her up more. 

“You just have to be an imp, don’t you? I think it’s in your DNA.”

“How did you guess?”

 He landed an ouchy, stinging stripe down but then tossed his belt to the floor. His hands rubbed the sting and intensified it.

When Zed hesitated, Alli groaned her frustration. “Zayden.”

Her desperate attempt at pointing a neon sign over her dark entrance encouraged Zayden to take it. Her cream was scooped up, and her entrance was coated as was his cock. He breached Alli’s bottom hole, piercing deep down to her core, his ball bouncing off her ass.

Published by Alyssa Bailey Books and Blogs

Hello! Thanks to readers like you, I am a USA Today/ International Best Selling author. I write luscious erotic romances where the heroine is her own woman but craves a strong alpha male to balance her and make her happy. I believe people love fictional romance where men are hot, gentle alpha lovers that take charge of their energetic women who are talented, capable and feisty. I am one of those readers. If you are too, you have come to the right place.

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