Can we learn to speak truth?

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Warning: Riddled with Cliches.

“Speaking truth to power” is a well used phase in my part of the word and it might mean different things to different people. It struck me today for some odd reason and I thought I would “speak my truth” and allow you to determine your own.

Speaking truth to power was first heard in the Quaker communities, I believe, in the Mid-Fifties and was for purely political reasons. Today, it is often used in a similar context. It calls for a moral answer, doing the right thing concept rather than what works out faster and easier. We have all experienced the quick fix being anything but quick or a true fix. It’s all good if you only have yourself to worry about.

I, however, do not live in a vacuum, on a deserted island, nor on a mountain top. I live and thrive among people and as such, pay it forward whenever possible. I encourage my progeny to do the right thing even when everyone else isn’t. But speaking truth to power seems to mean so much more than a message to institutional and governmental leaders.

It’s personal. It’s MY truth, seen in MY life, for MY relationships. I measure no one against MY truth. Don’t Judge, live your truth!

For me, Speaking Truth To Power means in my daily life, be courageous and speak what you really believe, respectfully, in love, without malice. Skipping all the moral lessons in between, this brings me to my relationships and more directly my personal relationship with my husband.

My sensual, moral, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, psychological relationship must be supported by learning to speak the truth to power. Truth in my relationship with my husband IS power. I submit because it gives me power and yet, speaks to the part of me that needs him to be the ruler. I don’t give up anything I don’t want, he takes only what I will freely give. Nothing more, nothing less. We may live our life differently from others but I finally learned that if I don’t SPEAK MY TRUTH, there is no power.


Honestly, have a good day!




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