“Your reign of terror is over”

Susannah Shannon has stopped by to share her new book that has just hit the stands. Susannah has had wonderful success with her previous books, Relish and Roasted. She writes funny and enjoyable tales that leave with that nice warm feeling. Everywhere!

A Handful of Stars

by: Susannah Shannon



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Publisher:    Blushing Books

Released:    June 5, 2016

Genre:    romance/erotica/BDSM



 How can two people who love each other as much as Jessica and Adam do find themselves in a bitter rut? An incident at work begins to change Jessica’s views towards discipline. Is it possible that being held accountable can build up a person? Jessica is intrigued that she might have found the solution she’s been searching for.

When looking for guidance about delivering a reasonable paddling she stumbles across a professional dominatrix and a chatroom of opinionated spankophiles. Can Ms. Margaret’s advice lead to a scorched bottom and a sweeter romance?

How will Adam balance his new found authority in his marriage with his role as a prosecutor of men who assault their wives? Together, their journey of discovery leads to a more profound commitment, and lovemaking that leaves Jessica breathless.


With her bottom still bared, Adam stood her up and restated the new rules. “You will

behave or I will spank you until you are very sorry,” he said, looking straight into her eyes. She nodded. She had been through a gamut of emotions—she had felt insolent, resentful, angry, sorry, repentant and very, very loved. Right now she felt powerful. She smiled. She had done it.

 She felt like a boss.

 Jess was astonished at how exhausted she was. She’d smoothed her skirts down and had briefly considered asking Adam for her panties back. When he didn’t offer them she decided it best to not bring it up. Margaret gathered her into a warm embrace. They walked to Adam’s car hand in hand. Adam mentioned that the moon was full. She was sure there was a ‘mooning’ joke in there somewhere but she couldn’t quite find it.

 Sitting in the car was not easy. Jess now had no doubt that Margaret had known what she was talking about when she said that the pain of a paddling grew. The leather seats felt cool to her throbbing backside. She shifted around. There was no way to get comfortable, even on the heavily padded seat. She laid her forehead against the window and tried to gather her thoughts.

 “So, will you really do that to me again?”

 Adam reached for her hand, she had always admired what an adroit driver he was. With the hand not on the steering wheel, he squeezed hers and he firmly responded, “You better believe it, young lady. Your reign of terror is over. I love you and we deserve to be happy.”


 Susannah is so good at writing Domestic Discipline.


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Susannah Shannon’s bio:

 I live in the American midwest with my family. I write romances that are funny (well, I try). I love the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.


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