The Wilder the Better

Dulcie Taylor just knocked on my door and brought me her new book:





Release: May 19, 2016


 I started writing this book many years ago. In fact, long before I had ever considered publishing.  Writing, at that time, was something I did for me, and while it still is, there is an indescribable joy that comes from sharing it with others.

 It was a start and stop process as my life was busy with two little ones, a part-time job and a husband that did a lot of overtime.  Imagine me, a baby on my hip, pushing a three-wheeled lawn mower (one wheel fell off, and my husband had no time to fix it) making pathways in the grass for my toddler to follow. J All wonderful, but busy years and Reckless Intent was left to collect proverbial dust. It was only recently, since joining Blushing Books that I decided to dust it off and finish Mylie and Kevin’s story once and for all.

 It came to me all those  years ago simply as a scene where Mylie Blake learns a secret that turns her life upside down (no spoilers here). From there, the very HOT Kevin Sheldon was developed and as I’m a big fan of broken characters, he isn’t as typically together as some heroes are.  Mylie and Kevin take the journey to self-discovery and growth together.

 Reckless Intent has been a long time coming, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.


Dulcie Taylor





After years of complacency, a shocking secret yanks Mylie Blake out of her bland existence. Leaving everything behind, she decides to remake herself—the wilder the better.  Her first crazy stunt involves too much alcohol, zero sense and lands her in the hands of the only man she’s ever loved—a man now infamous for his hot temper and bad-boy ways. With nowhere to go and little money to get there, Mylie just might be at the mercy of the devil himself.   

Kevin Sheldon, a former professional hockey player, known for his anger issues, on and off the ice, is just trying to get through the mess his life has become, but when his first love shows up wild and intent on ruining herself, he can’t help himself.  He’s the last person on the planet with a hero complex, and has own crosses to bear, but Mylie has a hold on him that he’s never been able to shake.  And the more he tries to help her, the messier his life becomes.

With their pasts hot on their heels, they must run.  Can they face their demons together and accept they’re meant to be or will they run from each other too?


So check out this great new book. Dulcie’s books are fresh and contemporary. If you need a break from Dark but still need a little spanking in your read, come on down!


HERE is a taste of what you will get.

“Take a look, Kevin! Do I look like a child in need of minding to you?”

She spun to leave him in his spot, but his arm flew out to catch her elbow. He pulled her into his chest. His eyes were molten and seemed to flicker both desire and irritation simultaneously. Her skin tingled with the heat of his, and her middle ached. He pushed her back, looked her up and down, and nodded.

“In a perverted sort of way, yeah.” He half smiled.

She looked down at herself in schoolgirl garb and groaned. “You know what I meant, you ass!”

“Now, now, honey, you’d better watch that mouth of yours. Remember, you’re afraid of me.” His brow tightened in a threatening way, but amusement still shone in her eyes.

She ripped her arm from his hand but didn’t move. His breath was minty hot on her face.

“Your wife is a liar, but even if she weren’t, I wouldn’t care. Right now, I can’t think of anything more amusing than pushing your buttons.” She smiled as Kevin’s right eyebrow arched. He grabbed both her shoulders and crushed her against him.

“Really?” Something flickered in his eyes. The corners of his mouth tightened. Her stomach dipped. “And I can’t imagine anything more satisfying than pulling you over my knee.”

“Ha, recently both your attempts were pathetic. One I can’t remember, and the other was well…” She rolled her eyes. “Boring.”

“Oh?” He released her with one hand and rubbed his chin. “Perhaps I’m out of practice.”

“I’m sure your wife didn’t think so.”

“I never liked my wife enough to spank her, Mylie.”

“Last I checked, you don’t like me much anymore, either.” For a moment, her heart sank.

“You’re growing on me.” He held her chin between his thumb and forefinger gently. “Besides, you need a spanking more than anyone ever has, right now.”

Her gut swirled, and her bottom tingled. She was crazy hot and had to use all her restraint to stop herself from jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist. Feverish thoughts of crushing his mouth with hers licked like flames in her mind. She narrowed her eyes at him, pulling herself from his grip. She folded her arms across her chest and cocked her head.

“Your bank account can’t handle another abuse allegation.” She bit her bottom lip, hoping she looked, at least, a little bit sexy.

“What I’m going to do to you will be worth every penny I have.” He turned and walked to the door, taking all the air in the room with him. When he was just about out the door, he pulled on his shirt and turned back. “And, darlin’, when I’m through with you, you’ll be too busy rubbing your sizzling backside and sobbing to worry about legalities. Only right now, I need to cool off.”




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About the Author:

I started creating stories as soon as I could write and even as a young aspiring novelist found that my heroes were frequently loving but dominant men that kept their feisty ladies in line. What luck that I found fans that enjoy reading about those sassy characters as much as I enjoy writing about them!

I live in a small Canadian town with my husband, two daughters, and the many characters that play in my head while I go about my day. It’s not unusual to spot me at the market with a faraway look and a smirk as one of those characters has most certainly gotten herself in a pickle!

When I’m not writing or working one of my two ‘day’ jobs, I love taking my 80lbs labradoodle for long walks along the river, lazing in my hammock snuggled up with my girls, the dog, or just my Kindle. Or in colder winter months, skiing, skating, or more often, hibernating.


Twitter: @DulcieTaylor78




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