Past is gone; Present is at risk; Is the future unattainable?

Today, I have a little treat. My final book in the Ciaran O’Connor Trilogy of the O’Connor Series is coming next week and I thought you might want a tantalizing teaser.

Katie Consents

Katie and Ciarán O’Connor love their lives as man and wife. She is learning to live within his

traditional boundaries and he uses that same careful creed to help her battle past insecurities

so that they don’t interfere with their future. It is working. Then the root cause of her

insecurities tries to destroy their life together and devastates Katie once again.
Ciarán and the O’Connors can eliminate the threat but recovering from the damage that

repeated risk to safety presents is another issue altogether. While Katie agrees to do it all

over again, is it possible to eradicate the wasteland of her emotions a second or even third

time? If she will consent to the methods he needs to use, Ciarán is determined to save his

wife and their life together.

Unfortunately, some things in life refuse to be repaired. Will this be the time that healing is

impossible to achieve? Can Ciarán find a way to break through the barriers of emotional

debris and walls of fear to a peaceful life or will it just be too much for both of them?


Katie Consents (Ciaran O’Connor Bk #3) O’Connor Series


Here is a taste of how the book begins:


Stuart shook his head after stepping away from the back window when his peep show was

over. He stood up after watching Katie. That man he supposed was her husband was

performing an all-afternoon scene with Katie. His woman, she was Stuart’s woman. Her

husband didn’t know how to dominate as Stuart did. Anyone knew that a dom made sure his

own needs were met and his sub’s needs were automatically met because his were met. He

remembered the trip at the lake some weeks ago. He thought he had given himself away. The

bushes rustled when he was trying to settle himself better, but that idiot was so focused on

Katie that he didn’t hear him. They seem able to perform anywhere. They touched and

kissed on the ranch, in town, everywhere. Even here at home, he gave her all sorts of

gratification and he took after he gave to her. What an idiot.
What kind of punishment was that at the lake, anyway? He heard the irritation in her

husband’s voice. Just when Stuart thought that the real fun was going to begin, that ass

didn’t do it. He didn’t make her feel the domination, the anguish. The pain. He didn’t make

it count, really give it to her. He just made her come again. That husband of hers was truly a

pantywaist. When he got Katie alone, he would make sure she didn’t doubt that when she

did not obey she was punished, hard; that she was owned. He rubbed his aroused cock.
That day at the lake, Stuart had watched the couple gather up their items and start to walk

back down the trail presumably to their home. Stuart went in the opposite direction, angry

that he was going alone. He should have had her that time. He would get another chance, but

it needed to be soon because he was running out of time. It had been so long now. He had

been stupid to let it go on for so long. He had gone back to Missoula to re-plan his attack

and this time it would be full proof. It was time to take back what was his.


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