“Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?”

Today I have an awesome new Blushing Author just releasing her first book:

Simon Says

 So Libby, tell us about your new book:


When feisty Sadie Donohue meets Simon Jacobson at a New Year’s Eve party, she thinks it’s a chance encounter, but not all is as it seems. Simon is a busy executive who prefers to be the master of his own destiny.

Over dinner the next night, his authoritative personality starts to emerge. Always one to question authority, Sadie rebuffs his gentle suggestions for more polite behavior with a lively, sharp wit. Simon is amused but unmoved.

If Sadie wants to continue seeing him she must accept his rules; rules that will be reinforced by spankings when she fails to comply.

As a strong, independent woman, Sadie struggles with his demands. A tragedy from Simon’s past makes him more determined than ever to make her obey. Their worlds collide.

This romantic comedy, set in the cold climes of Canada, is warmed with frequent spankings.

As you can see, Sadie will be the perfect woman for Simon, if she can learn to obey his rules.

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So, here is an excerpt you might like, Sadie is getting a bit ‘warmed up’


“Let’s try again. I’ll phrase the question differently: why are you being spanked today?”

“Because I lied to you?” I made it like a question because I didn’t want to admit I’d done anything wrong. Besides that, now I was mad. I didn’t want to be spanked but I didn’t want to lose him either. I only put up with this because I hoped he’d get tired after a while.

I decided to put things into perspective. “Don’t you ever watch the Discovery Channel? They had a program that showed most people lie sometimes.” Anger burned through my voice.

Before I could say anything else, he started again. He spanked so hard I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Every ounce of me was tuned into the spanking that was raining down on me. Starbursts of heat and pain radiated out of my bottom, my thighs, and that all-too-sensitive sit spot. Why couldn’t I keep my mouth shut?

“Stop!” I pleaded, my voice ragged with defeat.

For a second, he stopped. “What did I just say?”Glancing at his watch, he gave me a signal to rise. I struggled to my feet and stood there, hoping he’d get up and we’d leave. Instead he shifted further back into the sofa. I stared at him but he just kept looking at his Rolex.

“You know the drill: skirt around your waist, panties around your ankles, and over my knee. You have a three-stroke penalty to start off with because you are taking so long.”

The cocktail dress was so tight it felt painted on. I’d planned on eating nothing at dinner because even a single pea might burst a seam. I wriggled it up to my waist with some effort. The lining caught on the bracelet I was wearing and it took a while to detangle it. Simon didn’t take his eyes off his watch. Panicking, I slid my panties down and dived across his lap.

“That took you a full thirty seconds. You’d better work on that. I expect you across my knees in less than ten seconds normally. Otherwise it tells me you’re not fully compliant to this agreement.”

What was this new wrinkle? A frigging time and motion study on the practice of spanking? I swallowed that smartass thought. Panting with nervousness, I waited for the first smack.

“Have you forgotten something?”

My mind traveled back to the week before. Oh yes. Without further prompting, I placed my hands in the small of my back and he clamped his hand over them. My pulse pounded in my ears.

“Why are you in this position right now?” Simon’s voice hardened to steel.

“Because you’re mean,” I said and immediately regretted it. He spanked me hard and fast for so long it felt like I would die. He had to stop and trap my legs again because I started to kick. When he stopped a second time, I gasped for air.


“I don’t know. I couldn’t concentrate.”

“Okay, we’ll start again.”



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Amazon     http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01B6YUM6K/


Libby, tell us about yourself and where we can find you.


Libby Campbell, mischief maker and dreamer

Libby Campbell lives on the West Coast with her husband of over twenty-five years. She reads a lot and loves books that feature strong, independent women engaged in hand-to-butt combat with funny, sexy men.

Her favorite pastimes are dancing, baking, and hiking with her husband and their two rescue dogs, Box and Dice.

Her first erotic novel, Simon Says, is a romcom warmed by frequent spankings.

Libby reads and writes for pure escapism. If you like this first book, she hopes you will leave a review – it will help her write the sequel.


Facebook author page:    https://www.facebook.com/Libby-Campbell-849543415164235/


Website:            http://www.libbycampbell.com/


Twitter:            @LibbyC26


Published by Alyssa Bailey Books and Blogs

Hello! Thanks to readers like you, I am a USA Today/ International Best Selling author. I write luscious erotic romances where the heroine is her own woman but craves a strong alpha male to balance her and make her happy. I believe people love fictional romance where men are hot, gentle alpha lovers that take charge of their energetic women who are talented, capable and feisty. I am one of those readers. If you are too, you have come to the right place.

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