Taming Texanna

This is from the WIP that I am working the most on right now.

Texanna has been hauled into U.S. Marshall Colton McFadden’s office by her father to answer for her disgrace with a forfeit of both of their freedoms. Colt is fine with it, but Anna, not so much.

“…Don’t be an ass, Pa.”
“Texanna,” was the response from both men. Her father yelled and Colt much quieter but his tone was hard as steel and could easily be heard over Mr. Grant.
He knew she was angry and had every right to be, but her mouth and her disrespect was not acceptable although it was understandable. He held his further admonishment because he did not have the heart to call her down concerning something with which he agreed. He did, however, cut her off quickly as she looked to speak again. He wasn’t used to any person defending him or his actions. He didn’t ask for that from anyone either. However, he did worry about her father’s response towards her.
“Sir, I can assure you it was just a spanking.”
“A spanking on the bare, you mean.”
“Well, yes sir. I promise you that was not my intention but, well, there were no drawers and since I had already seen, I thought turning a butt red was not the same thing as seeing her, you know, in that type of way.”
“It doesn’t matter. You have spoiled her.” Mr. Grant had yet to lower his voice since entering the office. Colton was sure that even if no one knew before they came into the room, it was a sure thing that they would know now.
“Spoiled her for whom, exactly? Did she have a beau?” He looked over to Anna as she yanked her arm out of her father’s hand, threw up her hands and then landed them on her hips.
“No. And quit talking like I am not in the room.” Texanna proclaimed loud and clear.
Colt gave her a withering look that quite plainly said to hush. “Did she tell anyone of the incident? Did you?” he looked first at her father and then Texanna. “For I assure you I did not.”
“No,” answered both in an irritated manner.
“Then who have we spoiled really? Only the three of us know and I am not telling that your daughter did not have drawers on and when I went to discipline her at her request, she was bare.”
“What do you mean ‘at her request’?” Colton looked at the man and cocked his head to the side. It was as though he had not heard anything that had been said earlier. Texanna had clearly said she had begged for the spanking, but clearly Mr. Grant did not hear it or he chose not to acknowledge it.
“Pa I tried to tell you but you-”
“Quiet girl, you are in enough trouble.” He turned to Colt and said, “But I’ll know and that is enough.”
Colt could see the unrelenting fury that her father had brought her to and he did not want to step in the middle of that. He felt it was justified. The man did not see or hear his daughter and Colt wondered how long he had treated Texanna that way. From the sounds of it all, it had been quite a while. Colt loved the lightning bolts shooting from her angry eyes. His cock did too.
“I see. Well then, I will marry her if that is what you need to happen.”

“The hell you will.”

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16 thoughts on “Taming Texanna

  1. Hi Alyssa and welcome to Wipitup ☺
    What a wonderful first scene you chose to share. What a meanie Mr. Grant is, I feel for Texanna, but somehow I feel she has the spirit to hold her own. I really enjoyed your excerpt, especially those last few lines when Mr. Colt says “The hell you will.”
    I’m intrigued and must know more. I hope you’ll come back with more of this story. Thank you so much for participating ☺


  2. Hmmm…. my first comment didn’t show up. I’ll try it again.
    First off, welcome to Wipitup Alyssa, you picked a dandy of a first excerpt to share and I am excited to know more about Colt and Texanna. Mr. Colt sounds like a meanie thought and I really love that last part about him not wanting Colt to marry Texanna. I must know why he doesn’t like Colt and also why Texanna asked for the spanking on the bare.
    It’s lovely having you on Wipitup and I hope you’ll come back with more of Taming Texanna. ☺

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  3. Oh no! It sounds like Texanna has a bit of an attitude issue. Something tells me that she’ll have her bottom bared and spanked again soon!

    I love your snow on your blog, by the way. It’s so cute!

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  4. First off – thanks for stopping by my blog today – I’ve solved the white problem – went into the html. I wasn’t home all day and couldn’t check blog in the morning – so of course there was a screw up.
    Second – welcome tot he group – great excerpt – loved the – the hell you will. Some feistiness there 🙂


  5. HAHA! Love the last line ‘The Hell You Will.’ Me thinks there is trouble brewing up ahead… and probably a few more spankings, too 😉 Lovely snippet – and just what I needed with my cup of coffee!


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