Noel’s masterful discipline made Lucy…

Here is an unexpected quick visit from Bethany Leigh author of the recently released “Freedom and Betrothed” out with a tantalizing taste of her new book…

At Dead of Night – a sneak peak

 A snippet from my forthcoming release, At Dead of Night, available 7 January 2016:

Things to Do Before I’m Thirty
1. Set up my own detective agency.
2. Buy my own flat.
3. Find a boyfriend I’d like to settle down with.
4. Forget Noel Conway.

Lucy  Ogilvy  paused  before  adding  the  fifth  and  final  goal  to  the  opening  page  of  the stylish journal her best friend Rhian had given her for her twenty-ninth birthday. Just writing the word ‘boyfriend’ had made her think about Noel Conway and wonder what he was doing right now.  She’d  spent  all  last  night  thinking  about  him  after  she’d  left  the  pub,  where  she’d  been having birthday drinks with friends, and returned, as she always did, to an empty flat. Feck it, she’d spent every bloody day thinking about Noel Conway since the night she walked out on him three months ago. And every day before that, for the four months of their relationship. In fact the last time she hadn’t spent every frigging hour thinking about Noel Conway was the day before she met him. God be with the days when she’d never heard of him.

Noel – or rather his absence from her life – had single-handedly wrecked her summer. She’d spent a couple of weeks visiting her parents in Spain, taking Rhian with her. But her mum and  dad  had  constantly  talked  about  Noel.  “You  seemed  so  happy  with  him,”  her  mum  had sighed, over and again. “He seemed a nice chap,” her dad had said, his standard comment about every man Lucy had ever introduced them to. Her parents were desperate to see her settled; after all,  Lucy was  heading towards the big three-oh now, surely it was  time she’d met Mr Right? Even Lucy’s brother Adrian had been disappointed with the break-up. He’d met Noel when he’d come down to London on business, and had liked him. Though that liking was mainly to do with Noel being a sports reporter on the Clarion and knowing all the Premier League gossip. Adrian was mad about Manchester City.

Her family’s collective disappointment and the fact that she couldn’t begin to explain the break-up – after all, how did you tell them you’d left your boyfriend because he’d spanked you with  his  slipper  for  putting  your  life  in  danger  at  work?  –  had  meant  that  Lucy  hadn’t  really enjoyed  the  holiday  in  Spain.  It  had  been  good  to  feel  the  sun  on  her  skin,  though.  It  was bucketing down now, as it had been for most of this dismal British summer. Sighing, Lucy wrote down her final Thing to Do.

5. Become a domestic goddess! 

She glanced around her cluttered rented flat. It was tiny – no, poky, consisting of a living-room-slash-bedroom-slash-kitchen  and  an  absolutely miniscule bathroom.  It should  have been easy enough to keep clean and tidy, but there were clothes strewn on the floor and Lucy couldn’t remember when she last converted her sofa-bed to sofa mode. If Noel had dropped by and seen the mess, she’d have been in for a trip across his knee. Just thinking of Noel’s masterful discipline made Lucy horny. She slipped her hand between her legs and fantasised that he was here, in her chaotic  flat,  pinning her across his  lap, pulling  down her knickers  and  spanking her until  she cried.

Already item number 4 on her Things to Do list wasn’t going very well.

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