Reckless, Sassy and His By Dulcie Taylor

A brand “spanking” new author has joined Blushing Books

Dulcie Taylor

This is her first book with Blushing but Dulcie has been writing short stories for a while. I’ll let her tell you all about what she had given us here. The cover alone is delicioso.

Reckless, Sassy and His BB cover

Released November 29, 2015

From the Back Cover:

Five shorts stories about reckless ladies that try, tempt, and push the men that love them.

A feminist forced to live with a cantankerous rancher, a woman trapped in a storm with only her regrets, a stubborn spirit needing three lifetimes to learn, and a few more.

Journey with these feisty ladies as they discover themselves and love, despite their best efforts to unknowingly sabotage themselves.

Here is a taste from one story:


In the 1800’s, women are not privy to much of the comings and goings of men, but Bianca Belle Caruthers wants to change that!  Planning to write about her experience to share with other women, Bianca dresses as a man and joins a poker game in a seedy saloon. But, getting caught was not part of Bianca’s plot – neither was being forced to stay with Benjamin McPherson, a local rancher that is as cantankerous as he is handsome.


He wasn’t in the house. She sat and began to eat her stew, despite her lack of appetite.

The dog came out of her room and took his place under the table. She called him a traitor but gave him a piece of her bread dipped in stew. He lapped it up greedily. Even a spoiled daddy’s girl like her knew how to cook. She prided herself on being well-rounded and independent.

That’s what would make her a good writer. Mr. McPherson had the wrong idea about her from the start. She didn’t do the things she did to push the limits with her father; she did them to learn about the world around her. She wanted to know what men did when they weren’t with their wives.

She had wanted to know what it was like to gamble and be free like a man. She had even wanted to know what whiskey tasted like on her tongue. And now, more than anything, she wanted to know what it felt like to have Benjamin slide inside her.

The door opened and she looked over her shoulder. He was sweaty and dusty from gathering his horses. He looked so masculine that she began to feel throbbing below again. What was it about him that made her secret parts swell?

“Are you hungry?”

She wanted to give him the cold shoulder to show him she was mad about his brutality, but she really wasn’t, and besides, it would look better if she warmed him up to her before making him mad enough to touch her again.

Even if it meant putting up with the sweet sting of his hand on her bottom, she’d do it just to have him near her again.

“I am. Is it poisoned?” His brows were raised. She shook her head.

“I couldn’t find any.”

He bent to remove his boots and then went to wash up. When he returned, he was clean and didn’t look nearly as dangerous as she knew he was.

“Go get the other chair in the bedroom.”

She did as he told her. In the room, she felt an electric zap shoot through her. The belt lay on the floor beside the chair. She picked it up, touching the worn, smooth leather. She wondered what it would have felt like against her skin. Would it have felt as thrilling as his hand?


Alyssa:  I have read this anthology and loved it. Dulcie, let me ask you a few questions so people get to know you.

Dulcie: Sure

Do you weave real life events and experiences into your fiction?

They say write what you know, so I use some real life knowledge.  For example, I’m in the field of nursing so I often have protagonist in the medical field. I try to set stories in places I’ve been or am somewhat familiar with.

Have you ever written something that made you wish you could be sucked into your own scene?

Um, hell yeah! There are many hot spanking scenes I’d like to jump into! Or even just the travelling stuff… one of my many WIP’s takes place in Columbia –insert author here please!

Where do you get your inspiration?

Always from a character that forms in my head – someone quirky, broken or facing a weird challenge. The story comes later.

What kind of research do you undergo for each new story?

Sometimes I have to pour through travel books or blogs to learn new things and sometimes there is no research at all.  Recently, I learned how to sail a small catamaran for one of the stories in another short story collection book awaiting release.  I do love learning new things though so it fun!

Do you write from start to finish or do you write in segments and piece it together later?

I write from start to finish but jump back and forth and add or delete things as I go as well.

What is something fun about you that readers might like to learn?

I always fall for my hero – just don’t tell my husband. My hero is always in love with someone else btw. -_-


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