Taming Texanna

Well, Liam’s Lessons – the end of Liam and Jocelyn’s story is due out December 2nd. Should be in ARC this week.

Got a tidbit for my new work- Taming Texanna

(a tidbit of info on the names: I was looking at family history and the neighbors they had and the names Louisiana, Alabama, and Texanna came up. So I have this cute threesome series that I want to name For Taming Texanna, Loving Louisiana and Anything for Alabama. All names from that time frame.

Now on to this cute western set in 1870’s after Civil War when Fort Worth was where cattle left for the Wichita market and trains. Colton McFadden, half Native American, the Civil war did not feel like his fight. He had been a Texas Ranger because it fit his personality, build up Texas and stop the more seedy part of life from interfering in the growth of Texas. 

However, after the War, Fort Worth needed a lot of law enforcement as they grew by leaps and bounds due to cattle. Meanwhile, the Rangers he was previously a part of now that the war was over and the short run of the Texas Police was over, began to harass his mother and grandmother’s people. Not entering that fight either. His mother and grandmother safe with him, he joined the US Marshals to keep Fort Worth safe and lawful in its population explosion. Now they wanted him to settle down and stay close to home while manning their office in Fort Worth.

Texanna Rae Garrett was nineteen, living with a strict but clueless father who wanted his girl to get married and have babies, just like every other young lady. He wasn’t particular who she did it with. Anna liked that he did not push her to any one man to marry because there were so many nice cowboys to look at and ponder on with her friend Mandy.

Problem was Mandy was one to try anything once. Anna Rae was not as adventuresome so when Mandy started to spy on a particularly nice looking shopkeeper as he changed his clothes she was convinced to look too. Shocked at seeing underclothes she quickly looked away but not before Amanda’s cousin Colton, the U.S. Marshal, caught them.

Anna thought that if anyone was nice to look at, that Colton was one but he was a spanker Mandy had said and it sure looked like it as he just sent Mandy home to wait on him since her father had passed on, Colt was going to take care of his errant cousin.  Anna couldn’t afford for her father to find out she was in one more scrape because his warning rang in her ears of the fate of her back end if she did.

Wonder if Colt would handle it with her as well so he didn’t go tell her Pa. He wouldn’t be as hard as her own Pa who was already irritated with her. Well, a girl could hope anyway, right?