REGENCY WIP that I am working on in NANO

Lord Thayer’s Choice
Lord Stephen Thayer has heard from his father for several years that it is time to set up his nursery and take a wife. Finally, he agrees. To assist in his endeavor and their desire, they make a “small” announcement while hosting their annual Soiree. The small announcement becomes big news overnight and now, on his doorstep is a nonstop stream of eligible and yet unsuitable young ladies for his perusal and ultimate choice.
And as of yet, no choice has been made.
Annalise has reached her eighteenth birthday. Her mother has passed away some time ago leaving Annalise with a young brother and her merchant stepfather. Her stepfather, who felt her only usefulness was to care for his young son and keep house, has decided today is the day she is to go to a husband. He announces it at breakfast and calmly goes to make the best deal he can by close of business.
When Lord Thayer decides to accompany his head groomsman and his valet to the market things become very interesting as he meets a young woman, obviously of the merchant class but only obvious in her clothing. Her manner is of a young, unfettered, and spoiled woman. She fascinates Stephen and when he is traveling home, he hears the story of the young woman.
Immediately, Stephen decides she must be for him, and without further thought makes the carriage return. And so the story begins.

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