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The O’Connor’s – Liam O’Connor
So I have Liam O’Connor here from the Circle C Ranch owner and operator of one of the biggest operations in Montana and we are going to get to know him a little bit better. For those who can’t see him, Liam is a 6’1”, dark haired man with hazel eyes. He tells me he is 32 years old and is happiest in wranglers and a T-shirt, cowboy boots, and a Stetson on his head.
1. Liam are you married?
Yeah well, I just got married but I hate that word newlywed because Jocelyn and I were engaged 10 years ago. So I guess we just finally figured it out and she agreed to marry me.
2. Tell me a little bit about your family?
Sure, you know I have a large family a large Irish ranching family. My mom’s parents came over from Ireland so my grandfather could work on the transit system. And my Da’s parents were originally from Kansas.
So like I said I have a lot of siblings six to be exact. I am the eldest. Then comes my sister Kelli, who is the same age as my wife Jocelyn. Then comes Shane who is married to Alisha, Quinlan, Caoimhe who is married to Andrew Ciarán, and Cian. Ciarán works the ranch with me.
3. So if Jocelyn word to describe how to pick you out in a crowd what would she say?
Well if I were outside I’d always have a Stetson on and probably of course not far from me. She’d say I’m a person who’s going to look you straight in the eye when I talk or when I watch you talk, and I don’t care for mouthing off or any kind of disrespect. And if I’m frustrated I am going to run my hands through my hair, and shake my head. And I don’t laugh is easy as some guys but I’m certainly laughing more now that Jocelyn is with me.
4. If you had a free day and your only mission was to enjoy yourself what would you do?
I would gather up my wife, right off to the Creek on horseback and spend the day lounging, and fishing or hunting. And loving on her.
5. Wow that sounds really nice. Do you think that would be her choice too?
Yeah, I don’t think that I would have too much problem convincing her.
6. What are you most proud of about your life?
Well, not to brag, but I do a brisk business with everything going on at the Circle C. But personally I think that finally getting my head out of my ass and getting a ring on Jocelyn’s finger was my finest moment.
7. What are you most ashamed of in your life?
You know I was an ass wife as an older brother sometimes when we were growing up, and my sisters were worried about me finding out things more than our father. That just isn’t right. And I think that carried over into the first time that Jocelyn and I were engaged I was heavy-handed and possessive and to dictatorial for life.
8. Do you think it turned out the way your parents expected?
I think so. You know they never put pressure on us to do anything but what we wanted to do, but to be good people. Now that I’m looking at starting a family, that’s what I want, a safe and happy family.
9. What is the worst thing that has happened in your life and what did you learn from it?
I lost Jocelyn 10 years ago. I was young and full of myself. I learned it isn’t all about me and what I think are what I want because when you’re talking about relationships is all about her and you together. When you get a chance take it if you get a second chance thank God and then move heaven and earth to take advantage of it.
10. What would you like for you it to say on your tombstone?
(His eyebrows left into his hairline.) Yeah, I like to think on that too much. (And then he ran his hand through his hair.) But if pushed I guess I’d want it to say he was the best son, husband, and father that he could’ve been.
11. What is your greatest fear?
That something will happen to Jocelyn or any of my family on my watch. Then I didn’t or couldn’t protect them when they needed it most. That I let them down.

12. What is the most important thing in your life what do you value most?
Jocelyn and my family. Always. Without them nothing else matters. There is no value without them.
13. Liam O’Connor so what makes you mad? What makes you angry?
I hate stupid. I know I just that I was stupid before but I didn’t like me then either. What makes me angry? (He leans forward and places his forearms on his thighs) disrespect in meanness. Oh and line. Lion in my house will earn you a weapon for sure. If you’re a man, then you’re at risk of losing my respect. Freely given the first time, hard won the second time. You are not likely to get a third time.
14. So in closing, what would you want the world to know about Liam O’Connor? How do you feel about life now? What would you change? How about the future?
Well, right now, it is the best it has ever been since Jocelyn and I married. Well, theoretically. That woman can tie me up in knots faster than a cow-roping at a rodeo. But you know my Da says it right when he says the spice of life is a sassy wife. So let me tell you that my life has gotten pretty spicy in the last few months. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Would I change anything oh you know. We all have those things that we wished we had done. It’s too late to worry about those things now, I don’t waste my time looking back, usually.
So looking in the future? Hell, I don’t know. I’ll let Jocelyn tell me what that’s supposed to look like. I think she’s got us all mapped out and that’s fine with me.

Thank you Liam O’Connor owner/operator of the Circle C Ranch, here in Elk Ridge.

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