A quick introduction to my characters in the O’Connors

The O’Connors
I will be interviewing these lovely people as they appear in their own books, but some do not have their own. They were too busy with life to stop, but I am mentioning them here as well.

What I would like to do is just introduce each to you and in the next week you will then get the full interviews from several of them to start us on the journey of the O’Connors.

A little Irish Name History-
The O’Connor name is arguably the most important, historically, of all Irish Sur Names. It is descended from Conchobhar, King of Connacht, who died in battle in 971 a.d. – The last two high kings were from this line. The motto is “I neither fear nor desire”. Unfortunately, if desire is to take all forms of its word’s meanings, this family did not follow their creed. No real fear but desire… well, you tell me after reading their stories. My own family is from the O’Connor Sect and there is tremendous historical facts, legends, and intrigue with this line of Irishmen.

O’Connor Parents- Sean and Siobhan O’Connor – (also known as “Da” and Mom) are in their late forties, live outside of Sheridan, Wyoming. All O’Connor children were born and raised on the Emerald Isle Ranch.

Children in order:

Liam- 22 Years old (pronounced LEE-em) -is the eldest of the O’Connors- when this story begins, it is approximately 10 years earlier than present day. That is the novella-Her Sweet Complication. Liam’s Lessons takes us 10 years forward which is where we begin the trek in earnest.
Liam has just finished his four-year degree earning a Bachelors in Agricultural Business Management with an emphasis in Ranch and Cattle Breeding. He is presently looking for a large ranch to learn on for experience. His family ranch is smaller and he has higher dreams. Liam has taken on the eldest role completely. Women love him, his sisters vacillate between love and hate. He is a demanding man.

Kelli O’Connor- (Irish spelling- Ceallaigh) 18 yrs old

Kelli is the second eldest and when this story begins she is starting her four-year degree and is focusing on pre-law. She is Jocelyn Charles’ roommate in the dorm. She is ecstatic to be living on her own and just wants to have fun. That is what draws the guys to her, her bubbly personality. Having five brothers makes keeping boyfriends difficult.

Shane O’Connor- 17 years old.
Shane has already decided that ranching full time is not for him. He gives his sweat to the construction field. Not really a minded college kid, he has already started his apprenticeship with a local contractor on his free hours and summer. Shane is the listener. He is a hard catch but the girls try hard.

Quinlan – 16 years old (pronounced Qwen-lan) Also called Quinn.
Quinn is the middle child of the O’Connors. He is the third son. Considered the “hard nose” of the group. Rules are to be followed according to Quinn and the high school girls love him until he tells them ‘no’. There no doubt who is the leader in his relationships even at 16. Law enforcement is an interest to him.

Caoimhe -15 years old (pronounced either- Qwee-va or Kee-va)
Second and youngest daughter of the O’Connors. Good thing she is not as adventuresome as Kelli because every man in her male-dominated house tells her what to do. She has good business sense and is helping her Da keep the daily books. She has a sweet disposition but can be naughty sometimes that draws the attention of her brothers.

Ciarán – 14 years old (pronounced Key-rawn)
Fourth O’Connor son and he works on the ranch with Da. Good student, learning about the girls but mostly focused on the horses and cattle on the ranch. Watches out for his sisters.

Cián- 12-(pronounced Kee-an or Keene)
The youngest O’Connor who loves anything animal. He has already set his sites on Veterinarian school. He gives first aide to both people and animals on the ranch. Helps at the Vet’s one afternoon a week.

The one NON O’Connor that is important in this first book is:

Jocelyn Charles- 18 years old. Native American Mandan and Sioux from North Dakota to room with Kelli in college. Very focused and determined young woman. Wants her Social Work degree to use to further and help at risk women and children from violent situations. Takes on too much and ties up her emotions inside.
And there you have it. All the O’Connors at the moment we enter their lives. And so lets begin.

Her Sweet Complication- October 16, 2015-Blushingbooks.org and Amazon
Liam’s Lessons – October 16, 2015-Blushingbooks.org and Amazon
Loving Liam- December 2, 2015-Blushingbooks.org and Amazon

Slán leat! (goodbye!)

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