In Honor of New Books

My new Series has some words in Gaelic. I had the privilege to go to Ireland just over one year ago and I cannot tell you the beauty that was there. I have been able to visit a number of countries over the years but as part of my own heritage is Irish, I especially enjoyed the wonder of Ireland.

In Her Sweet Complication- there are most of these phrases

In Liam’s Lessons- there are less but I try to use the same for obvious reasons

Finally, in Loving Liam- (out in the future) there is no new words but use of the now familiar words

In the other books of the series, that include more of the O’Connor family, you will find less overall usage of words. After reading the Liam books, you will know why. I will add a few words when those appear in future O’Connor books.

A site that helps with pronunciation if it is important to know the exact (well, regional) way to say it: My own family would have predominately used the Connacht pronunciation being predominately from that sect.

This link is to the word LOVE and you can change the words from there but it gives you a start.

Here are some words you might run into:
Ghrá- love
sea’ (sha), ta yes
Beidh mé damanta I’ll be dammed.
Mé muinín tú mo ghrá I trust you my love.
Is breá liom tú. I love you
a stór-/mo mhuirní my darling
A Stóirín (ah store-een) My little darling.
beidh tú ag pósadh liom? Will you marry me
dul a chodladh mo ghrá, go to sleep my love.
dul a chodladh. Go to sleep
Is tú mo ghrá You are my love
Don’t forget to buy the books this weekend! Have a wonderful Week