Becoming Lady Barrington-out NOW

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As previously alluded to, here is the next tidbit of the second book in the Chase Abbey Series. I have loved this series and laugh when I write and I hope you get a warm feeling and laugh as well.

Becoming Lady Barrington – out Sat. Aug 22, 2015.


As they were alighting from the carriage with the help of Barrington, he took the opportunity to advise them to stay close to him and not to wander off. He admonished that there were many things around the house that would not be deemed safe as yet. Not the structure itself he assured the ladies, but the debris and chaotic placement of the furniture in various stages of cleaning.
“Amelia, do not wander off, my dear. I do not want you to take to your bed over an accident just as we are about to be wed.” Barrington wanted to curb his lady’s more curious tendencies today.
“I assure you I am quite tame, my lord.”
“Of course,” he responded appropriately, but the smile was still on his lips and hers
when they entered the enormous wooden doors.
Entering the home, the front entryway was grand. There was a massive chandelier greeting her as she walked into the foyer. Amelia gloried in the sight of it. On the entryway wall, lined up majestically, and if one were fanciful, judgmentally, hung large portraits of people she had never met before. Obviously they were from another time, most likely they were Barrington’s relatives, but she did not want to ask at that moment. Walking further on the right side was a grand stairwell going to the second floor and Amelia immediately began to giggle.
Barrington looked at her and said, “What is it that is made you laugh, my dear?”
Amelia turned to him and pointed to the stairwell.
She said, “This is a perfect place for children to slide down the banisters, just as I said I
would teach them to do.”
The Marchioness gasped as she thought about her grandchildren sliding down the
banisters of the grand stairwell.
Barrington tweaked Amelia’s curls and whispered his admonishment, calling her a minx
while he reassured the Marchioness that none of her grandchildren would be found sliding down the banister of this staircase. He winked conspiratorially at Amelia as he reached for her gloved hand. He decided to keep her close at hand for a bit to ease and temper the shock value his hellion enjoyed delivering to her audience.